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POST: 6/12/17 --- ALERT!!! We have been advised by a number of our customers in Chester and Philadelphia Counties that they have been visited by PA Environmental Officials and fined for illegal discharge of water from compressor receiver tanks. These Officials state that oil mixed with water cannot be discharged onto your property or into the public sewage system.

The solution is a simple fix of installing an Oil/Water Separator after your autodrain. It works by taking your receiver tank condensate and forcing it into a series of filters which remove the oil from the water and allows for legal discharge of the remaining water. The filters get changed annually to remain in compliance.

Depending on the size of your compressed air system, McDal Technicians can install this setup in about an hour with costs well below the fines being charged. We have heard that these fines can range from $800 to over $1500 per offense.

The bottom line is that DER seems to have caught on that the majority of compressed air systems are not in compliance with the law and they seem to be targeting compressed air users. Why not have us check out your system today and provide you with a quote to make this update? Why waste your hard earned money on fines when a quick fix can make the problem go away? Call us now for more information. Contact our Sales Team at to get more details.

POST: 5/30/17 --- McDal Technicians installed 300' of Champion Quick Lock aluminum extruded pipe with quick lock fittings including 6 drops for hose reels to run our customer's equipment. The project included piping a new compressor into the system so the customer would have back up plant air in the event one compressor would go down. Additionally, 150' of replacement pipe was installed and their original black pipe was abondoned. The customer was thrilled with the completed project and said it was the first time their system was leak free.

The benefits to aluminum pipe are minimal air pressure drop throughout the system, and no build up of residue inside the pipes to damage equipment in the future. Additionally, this piping system installs easily and can be quickly expanded whenever the need arises. What most people don't realize is even a 1/4" air leak can cost hundreds of dollars a year in wasted energy costs. The compressor must run longer and harder to maintain system pressure costing you money in wasted energy consumption. McDal Corporation will perform an air line analysis for you and help calculate your energy savings with new air lines and no leaks to improve air production efficiency. Contact our Sales Team at to get more details.

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